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How To Make Henna Tattoos

These days, large number of tattoo studios offers the widest range of services possible from piercing to tattoos. Among them,a special kind of tattoo exist – Henna tattoo.

The popularity of such tattoos increases lately, mostly because of their much lower cost price (big plus), and, to distinguish them from ordinary tattoos – they can be washed off after a couple of weeks (it can be great advantage if you want the tattoo for a short period of time, vocation abroad for example) while still looks beautiful and breathtaking.
Let’s look and examine the features of the henna tattoos.

Henna tattoo on hand

henna tattoo on hand

How Henna tattoos are done?
The Henna tattoo is a manually created (hand drawn) art work. It’s applied on skin using sticks which from time to time moistened in a solution containing henna that can be purchased or mixed by yourself (the recommended way, you will learn to do it later).
You must follow the henna instructions that come packed with the Henna very clearly for the successful completion and dilution of the drawing. Otherwise you risk throwing hard earned money down the drain and remaining, as they say, with noting in hands.
Still, don’t be afraid. Eventually the henna preparation and drawing process is not to difficult, you just need to remember to take care of it properly. Like any other thing in life :)

Beginner to Henna tattooing technique?
If you’re new to these tattoo technique or even begin to work for the first time on skin-based-art, I recommend to practice first on plain paper. Start from paint pencil conceived patterns, then you can try a brush, and then the more sophisticated tools.
Only after you have the confidence to perform any henna bending lines you can move on to working with leather.

application of henna in proccess

Application of henna in proccess

Regarding the first phase of practicing tattoo henna art – try simple patterns and ornaments in the beginning. Gradually try complicating the geometry shapes and the sketches performed. Slowly but surely you will get to advanced and complex shapes and patterns of hinna tattoos.

In case of a poor imagination, don’t worry. You can always get help from a variety of stencils and pre-made patterns. Its ok, this practice used everywhere and totally acceptable. No one expect from everyone to be top world artist. Just have passion and enjoy your henna work.

And keep in mind, avoid excessive stress at your tattoo work, the process should be done with good energies and positive atmosphere (important to any kind of work J).

Is it difficult to draw Henna tattoos?
If you have the right artistic skills, putting a small picture on the skin area will not be difficult. Another thing is when it comes to more cumbersome projects and Henna applications. This can be more complicated, I’ll tell how to deal with such emerging challenge.

Tattoos of Henna in large projects, how to do it?
If you tend to work ona large drawing area with henna tattoos, you need to do it in phases.
Required area of ​​skin is divided into parts (not literally of course) –you should start from the center of the future tattoo image area. When working with henna, first plot the most narrow and clear lines, and then turn to a more simple – direct lines. Next to the application of all major thin and straight lines, begin to draw the rounded parts of the henna picture.

By the way, before you start, you can make a kind of sketch used for these purposes with a simple pencil that can be erased after all the work with cloth moistened in vegetable oil (so only the henna tattoo painting will remain).

henna art on legs

Henna art on legs

You can do Henna tattoos!

What you need to begin with henna tattoos? Just one, pretty cheap item.
You need Henna powder. The henna powder will be used to prepare the Henna paste that will be used for tattoos. You can but great Henna powder on Amazon (click here)

Thats all. You ready to start drawing and practice. And remember, restrictions are only in your imagination.
Good luck :)

P.S. For any suggestion and questions, leave a comment. We are always available.

Purchasing a tattoo gun suitable for beginners can be a complicated process if you have never done it before. For those who are experienced, it can still be confusing on which tattoo kit will be the best to use from all the tattoo guns for sale available.
The tattoo machine reviewed here by Fancier – tattoo kit S-T02, is a tattoo gun kit that someone would want to look closely at. This pretty cheap tattoo kit is one that can be beneficial and even a wonderful purchase for any beginner and amateur tattoo artists alike.

What is inside the tattoo machines kit?

The kit will arrive in a carrying case that has the ability to lock, as well as providing a key for it. Inside the kit, you will find a four of the latest tattoo guns (10 Wrap Coils), that can be set up to perform as a liner or shader.
Also, you will get 2 empaistic grips with tube, 2 stainless steel grips with tube, and 8 stainless steel tips in several different sizes. Professional power supply and foot petal are also in this kit.
The tattoo kit also comes with a DVD tutorial for those who are just starting learning how to tattoo.

All the tattoo guns kit

All the tattoo guns kit

1. Tattoo Machine Guns In The Set 9.5/10

The tattoo guns in this kit are one of the best in all tattoo machine kits for sell that available for beginners.
They are simple and easy to use. It is perfect for those who are just starting out, but it is also durable and reliable for those who have been tattooing others for years. The guns run on low heat, as well as having a steel frame. The guns can be designed to perform as a shader as well as a liner design.
The only con – the machines need to be tuned at the beginning (still, normal and pretty easy procedure).

2. The Power Supply In The Tattoo Kit 7.5/10

The power supply is able to have their mode working with either an 110v or a 220v. Something that is nice about this particular kit is that the company will send the plug pre fitted with the power outlet plug from your specific country.
Also, the power supply is digital, which can be a great thing. Important to note – the power supplies appear to be pretty sensitive.
The kit also comes with a foot pedal, this pedal allows you to turn on and off the power supply as needed (click on, click off mechanism). I just suggest if you are used to a regular foot pedal to find a different pedal – personally I prefer the pedals you keep your foot on.

Tattoo machine kit power supply

Tattoo machine kit power supply

3. The Tattoo Inks In The Set 8/10

The kit comes with 7 different ink colors: brown, blue, red, yellow, green, white and black, the inks are designed for a new artist. They are decent quality, however, before inking others I would suggest to look into purchasing higher quality inks.
Still, nevertheless, the inks that in the kit are brightly colored and do work with the gun well. They are great for practicing and exactly what a beginner could use.

4. Accessories In This Tattoo Machine Kits 9/10

In this kit, a person will find 8 steel tips, 18 different disposable tips and 50 tattoo needles. Also, 1 ink holder is included and 50 rubber bands.
The kit is designed to be portable with a carrying case – the case comes with a lock and key.
You also receive a video that will offer a tutorial on how to use the equipment as well as tips for those that are just beginning to tattoo.

 Tattoo kit accessories

Tattoo kit accessories

Overall, the kit has a great price for all the items that you are getting. It is a wonderful beginner kit and a decent kit for those looking to add to their current stuff. You might want to look into new or more inks, however, everything else is well worth the price.
One of the better tattoo gun kits suitable for beginners.

Buy it on Amazon, internet most safe and reliable web shop.

Have you ever wanted your tattoo gun to be picked out by a professional? Well, the Professional Tattoo Kit 4 Machine Guns by G4 is a kit that has been customized from experienced tattoo artists and their suggestions. Knowing that what your getting is worth of a professional as well as easy to use is what you will get with this kit.

Professional Tattoo Kit full set

Full tattoo kit case

What is Inside the Tattoo Machine Kit?

The professional Tattoo Kit 4 Machine Guns comes with many components that you might not find in other tattoo kits.
You will find in the kit four tattoo guns, power supply, disposable tips, 50 disposable needles, 8 inks from Iron Sakura (color and blacks), practicing leather sheet and a CD tutoring guide.
The kit is mailed to you in a black aluminum case. This case holds everything in, and it comes with a lock and two keys. This can help you secure your new tattoo  kit when you are not using it.

The Tattoo Machines

The four tattoo guns that are come with the kit are designed for a liner as well as a shader (Layer Warp Coils). They come equipped with 45 cooper threads that are strung into a silicone insulated gun power cord. This design offers flexibility as well as being a very good conductor. The guns in the Professional Tattoo Kit 4 Machine Guns has the ability to be enjoyable to the seasoned tattoo artist as well as simple for the beginner to learn as well the tattoo artist work.
The guns come with eight E.O. gas sterilized needles. Four of them are round tips and the other four are magnum tips.

The Power Supply in the Tattoo Kit

The Professional Tattoo Kit 4 Machine Guns kit comes with a UL listed power supply set. It is digital and operates at either the 110V or 220 V. It has an output of 2Vdc up to 20Vcd .It comes with a foot petal that is great to use. The power supply box can be touchy sometimes; however, it works as well as some of the expensive professional ones.

Power supply in the tattoo set

Power supply in the tattoo set

The Tattoo Inks in the Set

The Professional Tattoo Kit 4 Machine Guns comes with iron Sakura base inks. The kit comes with eight bottles of ink, two of the bottles are black and it also comes with six other colors. The inks are great in great quality to begin with, however, there is not a lot in the 10ml bottles so plan on purchasing more once you get into tattooing.

Tattoo kit inks

Tattoo kit inks

Tattoo Set Accessories

The set comes with many accessories beyond the absolutely needed things. You will receive two tool kits, 50 cushion rings and rubber bands, 50 disposable needles, printing transfer oils, a four pack of ointments. You will also receive two practice leather sheets with designs on them that can help the beginner learn about the tattooing.

Tattoo Machine Guns accessories

All the accessories included in the kit

The Professional Tattoo Kit 4 Machine Guns is a kit that is well worth the price. It got great tattoo supplies and will provide fun for those who are interested in furthering their career or just learning a new hobby.
So, this kit is good for everyone, one of our more recommended tattoo kits for sale suitable both for amateurs and more advanced artists.

Buy it on Amazon, internet most safe and reliable web shop.

It takes a special person to see the beauty that can be held within a drawing on a person’s body. That is the vision that an inspired tattoo artist has.
Of course, it is important to the artist that they have the best quality materials to work with in order to provide the best looking work. The E-onsale Deluxe Tattoo Kit is one of those machines that can appeal the experienced artist as well as someone new to the art that seek for beginner tattoo kits.

E-onsale full tattoo machine kit

E-onsale full tattoo machine kit

What is Inside this Kit?

The E-onsale Deluxe Tattoo Kits comes with several different features that can please all those interested in tattooing.
The kit comes with two guns that can be used for tattooing. It comes with a power source, inks and needles.
The kit also has a CD used for tutoring those just beginning to enter the tattoo world. The kit is shipped in an aluminum case that is designed to be used for carrying your supplies. It comes with a lock and two keys for added security.
In overall, great tattoo equipment package. Now, let’s talk more about each device in the tattoo kit set.

1. The Machine Tattoo Guns 10/10

The E-onsale Deluxe Tattoo Kit comes with two tattoo machine guns. They are ten layer warp coil machine guns that are wrapped in a snake leather pattern. The guns are not as heavy as one would expect, they are light and easy to hold for long periods of time when using them. You will also receive two grips with rods. The grips come in chrome and a black color. Along with the guns, you will receive eight tips; size 3R, 5R, 5M, 7M, will come in both an alloy round tip and the alloy magnum tip.

2. Tattoo Kit Power Supply 7.5/10

The power supply in the E-onsale Deluxe Tattoo Kit comes with a foot control switch. The UL listed digital power supply has the ability to operate at 110V or 220V. This allows the artist to gain an output between 2Vdc and 20Vdc. The power cord is made with a silicone insulated cord that is high quality. The power supply is reliable and offers great smooth quality with the foot petal than many of the more expensive models.
It’s important to note that there are some reports about the foot control going out of work after some time (could be replaced).

E-onsale Deluxe Tattoo Kit power supply in the set

Power supply in the set

3. Tattoo Inks Sets 7/10

The kit comes with 100 ink cups and an ink holder. These items are helpful when using the six colors of Iron Sakura base inks provided in the set. As well as, the two bottles of black ink also included. The ink in the kit is not hard black so you might want to test your colors to make sure you know what you are working with before it is already on someone.
Eventually, addition ink for tattoos would need to be purchased.

E-onsale Deluxe Tattoo Kit sakura six inks in the set

Six Akura inks in the set

4. Accessories In The Set 10/10

The E-onsale Deluxe Tattoo Kit comes with many accessories. You will receive disposable tips and needles, tools, cushion rings and rubber bands. All of this plus printer transfer oil, ointment, and practice leather like sheets make this set well rounded.
Also, a tutoring CD that will provide you the first tips on how to tattoo included in the set.

In conclusion, the E-onsale Deluxe Tattoo Kit comes at a great price for all the parts that are included. Be sure to research places to purchase more ink, because you will love this machine so much you will be buying ink very soon. This kit is great for the experienced artists who want professional tattoo kits and the inexperienced that need suitable tattoo kits for beginners.

Buy it on Amazon, internet most safe and reliable web shop.

Pirate Face Tattoo has created a kit that is great for those that are new to the tattoo world, while also appealing to the apprentices and professional artists as well. If you are looking for an all in one kit that is great to take on the go the CARVER Tattoo Kit with Four Machine Guns is one of the best options for you. This kit comes with so many accessories that it puts other tattoo machine kits to shame.

What is inside this tattoo gun kit?

CARVER Tattoo Kit w. 4 Machine Guns and Power Supplies

CARVER Tattoo Kit w. 4 Machine Guns and Power Supplies

Inside the CARVER Tattoo Kit, you will find four machine guns (2 Rotary Tattoo Machines, 2  Coil Wrap Machines), a power supply, sterile needles, lots of ink and other accessories to tempt the budding artist. The kit comes with everything that you might need to begin your hobby as a tattoo artist, or to carry along with you to those at home artwork tattoo-session nights.
The kit also comes with an added bonus that no other kit seems to have and that is a 6-month warranty on the power supply and the tattoo machines.

Buy the CARVER Tattoo Kit With 4 Machine Guns And Power Supply included on Amazon

1. The Tattoo Machine Guns 10/10

The tattoo machines are designed with both the beginner artist as well as the seasoned artist in mind. In the CARVER Tattoo Kit from Pirate Face Tattoo, you will receive four machine guns. Two of these are basic 10 wrap coil machines.

Tattoo gun in the CARVER set

Tattoo gun in the CARVER set

The other two machines are also 10 wrap coil guns; however, these two are rotary tattoo machines. Also in the kit, are 50 sterile needles in ten different sizes. The needs in the kit Include shader, liner, and magnum style needles.

2. Tattoo Kit Power Supply 8/10

The CARVER Tattoo Kit comes with a power supply that is considered to be rugged and reliable. The power supply allows the ability for 110V or 230V when using the tattoo guns. The power supply has proven to be a little bit inconsistent. The power supply has however show to be usable and a great for beginners.

Power supply in the kit

Power supply in the kit

3. Tattoo Inks Set 10/10

Pirate Face Tattoo off ers more inks than any other kit. This ink kit comes with 15 different colors of ink. The inks kit includes the following inks:  Black, White, Dark Red, Tomato Red, Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Forest Green, Violet, Lavender, Brown, Shallow Coffee, Bubble Gum Pink, Deep Yellow, and Orange. So many kits off six or eight colors but this one are 15 different colors. The kit also provides the artist with 27 disposable tips and 8 stainless steel tips. You will also receive 100 ink cups and an ink cup holder.

CARVER Tattoo Kit 4 Machine Guns Power Supplies inks set

CARVER tattoo kit inks set

4. Accessories In The Set 10/10

Pirate Face Tattoo provides many accessories that many other tattoo kits for sale do not have. The CARVER Tattoo Kit comes with an adjustable tool kit, and disposable gloves. The accessories provided also include a sheet of transfer paper and practice skins. Finally, the kit provides a CD that has tattoo presentations for all to enjoy and a book to help you learn the basics. The whole kit comes in a black carrying case that has space so that everything can fit.

Tattoo basics book in the kit

Tattoo basics book in the kit

To summarize, the CARVER Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo offers you a complete tattoo kit for sale. This gives you the ability not to buy other products as everything you need is in the kit already.
Also, 6-month warranty that is offered on the power supply and the tattoo machine guns provide you the reliability you need.
So, The price is low and with the warranty, it’s of the better tattoo starter kits, suitable also for apprentices and tattoo professionals.

Buy it on Amazon, internet most safe and reliable web shop.

Who can decide the best machines for tattoo beginners? Many people form a personal preference on the type of tattoo guns they own and can recommended to others. The Six Gun Tattoo Kit by Fancier S-T06 is one of those.
Its good for both the amateur and professional alike. The Fancier S-T06 kit can be exactly the system you was looking for as a starting tattoo master.

What is Inside this tattoo machine kit?
The Six Gun Machine by Fancier S-T06 comes in carrying case that arrive with a lock and key. It has 6 tattoo guns, a power supply, inks, video guide for tattoo starter and many other accessories.
Also, Inside the kit you will find four grips, two are rare empaistic grips, and two are stainless steel grips.
The kit also comes with a tutorial video design for beginners. Those who are starting the tattoo mastery career, will be happy to see practice skin and designs.

Tattoo Machine Kit S-T06 Tattoo Kit all set

Fancier S-T06 Tattoo Machine Kit

1. The Tattoo Guns 9.5/10
Those people who are just beginning as well as those who have been creating this beautiful art for a long time will find usefulness out of these six machines. All of the guns are designed with a steel frame and run on a low temperature. There is also a tattoo gun with a bronze finish for a different look. The set comes with eight stainless steel tips of different sizes. Four of which are round needles and the other four are flat or magnum needles.
All the guns can be set up to perform as a liner or shader.

2. The Power Supply 8/10
The professional power supply is able working with either an 110v or a 220v. The company that creates this kit will send the plug pre fitted with the power outlet plug from your specific country. The power supply comes with the ability to control it through the foot switch. Many people have decided that the power supply is something you might want to upgrade if you use the tatoo machine often and going to a pro level. However, this power supply will offer about 10 hours of tattooing ability.

Tattoo Gun Kit By Fancier S-T06 Tattoo Kit power supply

Power supply in the kit

3. The Inks 7.5/10
The tattoo machine kit comes with seven different ink colors. The tattoo ink sets come with one bottle of each of these colors brown, blue, red, yellow, green, white and black. The inks are designed for a new artist in the tattoo business. The inks are great for learning how to use the guns and such. However, if you plan to tattoo more professionally, you will need to get better inks. You will also receive an ink holder with your kit.

4. Accessories 10/10
The buyer also receives a DVD that’s designed to help those who are just learning or beginning to tattoo. Also, in this kit, a person will discover 18 different disposable tips, 50 tattoo needles both liners and shader needles. 10 rubber rings, 50 rubber bands, 50 grommets, adjustment tools and other accessories. All you will need from a professional tattoo kits.

6 Gun Tattoo Kit all accessories

All the Fancier S-T06 kit

Fancier S-T06 Gun kit is a great set for those that are beginning or needing to replace an entire set due to theft or mishap.

Typically, you cannot buy a quality tattoo machine for less than $150 and many run as high as $500 but here your receive a fairly fast kit, and its the complete set to start off tattoin, with instructions DVD, 6 guns, inks, stencil and much more.
You will want to purchase more ink because you are only given one bottle of seven different colors. It is worth the cost to receive only the six guns, and with all the accessories, it is great a bonus.

Anyone who tats out of their house or even in a shop, I recommend this to you. Start becoming a tattoo artist you always wanted to be.

Buy it on Amazon, internet most safe and reliable web shop.

Well, there are many people who always search out the income of professionals in different fields and careers.
Moving into the tattoo arts category, there are numerous artists, who are heavily paid for their outstanding artistic work after tattooing became very popular in different regions of the world, especially European and American countries.

Kat Von D

Kat Von D from LA Ink

A tattoo artist or a tattooist is a person who makes use of his tattooing equipment (including needles, tattooing machine and other equipment) to create tattoos on a person’s skin as a career and a way of living.
So the tattooist is an experienced professional, who got a great passion and skill for art and eventually the desire for tattooing as a way of living . Therefore, tattoo artists salary varies on the artist professional experience and his estimation of the work he done (and number of other factors we will discuss later).

Usually, the design is made using the needled electric tool with filled ink. The ink helps the tattoo artist to insert an ineradicable innocuous pigment on a person’s skin, thus leaving a permanent design forever.  At many times, a tattoo lover comes along with a design in his mind or has the picture of it to assist the tattooist to perfectly know what kind of design he/she wants. Often, people give an option to the tattoo artist to use his ow­n idea to come up with a nice design that suits well on their skin in any wardrobe. Thus, the professionalism of a tattoo artist counts a lot in this regard.

Chris Nunez

Chris Nunez

Many people consider tattoo artists to be relatively rich as they think that an average tattoo artist earns a lot on an hourly basis. Well to discuss this, one must know that tattoo artists have a free hand to file their own taxes. Consequently; indirectly, they do not usually have to pay taxes that a common salaried person should have to. As far as the hourly rate of a tattooist is concerned, an average tattoo artist salary is around $40 to $150 per hour. Now, as you will increase the caliber and professionalism of a tattoo artist, the price increases up to $200 to $350 per hour. This hourly rate totally depends on the caliber and professionalism of a tattoo artist. Mostly those artists, who have a well-built reputation within their area and have years of working experience, earn a lot more than that.

Chris Garver

Chris Garver

Also, a principal determinant of a tattoo artists salary is the amount of work he gets in a particular season. On summer times there is historical increase on the amount of the tattoo work that is done by the tattoo arts masters, winters on the other hand are more quiet from that perspective (it’s a great time for the artist to learn new techniques and sharpen its own skills).

If you search out for tattoo artist salary per annum, then it will range from $20,000 to $90,000. Again, it highly depends on how many years of working experience the artist has. Different website known for salaries of professionals give an estimate about the tattoo artists. PayScale.com shows that per annum salary of a tattoo artist is around $ 22,456 to $87,713. On the other hand, Salarylist.com shows that a professional tattoo artist earns around $46,561 per annum. The tattoo artist salaries, for sure, vary from country to country. Where there is more exposure to tattoo designs and traditions, there are comparatively more salaries of a tattoo artist.

nikko hurtado Edward Scissorhands

Artist Nikko Hurtado work – Edward Scissorhands


After all this information, you can safely say choosing s tattoo artist career is a profitable, self inspiring, provide great opportunity to meet new people and live full and interesting life.
Start living your dream! (and here is our guide on how to get apprenticeship with tattoo artist and picking the right tattoo kit)

So, you dreaming to becoming a tattoo artist? With the changing trends and traditions of people, the modern society is going to adapt or rather have already adapted the new culture, which according to many people is truly loved and well-admired.

Most of the people like body piercing and tattooing and this—in some way or the other—has become a new trend and style. Well, tattooing is really famous in European, African and American countries and mostly teenagers and young adults like stylish tattoos on their bodies. If you like to learn how to tattoo, then you can follow two direct ways to do it that in will eventually cross each other.

ami james tattoo professional artist

Ami James Tattoo Artist

The first one to become a tattoo artist is to buy a tattoo kit and try to make different tattoos without having previous experience on fake tattoo skin and even fruits.
It’s a great way to learn and practice your tattooing skills, but  now, we want to talk about getting apprenticeship with already mastered tattoo artist.
Good tattoo kit for starters we can recommend is the Fancier S-T06, you can find review of the kit here.
So, the second way is to visit an experienced tattoo artist and learn from him how to do it professionally. The later one is known as tattoo apprenticeship.

It’s very easy to find tattoo artists but you must have to find an experienced one. There are many fraudulent and low level tattoo artists, who will  waste your time and money and run away leaving you alone. Don’t become the victim of such “experts”. Always search out for a genuine tattoo professional for your tattooing apprenticeship and its even better to have some person who is familiar with the tattooing world while having the conversation. It is also recommenced to ask for reccemendations on forums centered on the tattooing profession, acquaintances and colleagues.

An experienced tattoo artist that you want to be his apprentice, is the one who has at least five years of tattooing experience. If anyone has more than that, it is your luckiest day to find such an experienced tattoo artist. So, your mission starts with finding a tattoo artist in your area and then to be selected to proceed with a short tattoo apprenticeship there. Well, an experienced tattoo artist or a tattoo master would never allow you to visit his or her shop a few weeks or months and just see what’s happening all around. The proper channel is to come and learn the basic things first. When you’ll complete doing this, you will be shifted to the tattoo kit to have some hands-on experience with it. Learning the tattoo mastery process usually takes about 2 years (yet, it depends on each individual design and tattling skills).

In order to become professional tattoo artist and get a proper tattooing apprenticeship, you need to prepare a portfolio showing your best design and art work. Let’s see it in this way that if you’re trying to find out the best tattoo artists to teach you, that tattoo artist too has the right to find someone able and talented. So, your portfolio plays the role here for you. Make is unique, attractive, put in your best work to maximize your chances to get accepted by your preferred tattoo master. It is always better to find a free (free of charge), or even paid, tattoo apprenticeship. But don’t hesitate to pay if you won’t have other option.

corey miller tattoo artist

Corey Miller Tattoo Master

The last imperative tip for you to before the apprenticeship, is to sign a written contract and demand an apprenticeship certificate from your tattoo artist in the end of it.
It’s important, and will solve possible issues if the will arise in the future.

Good luck and you of course, you can comment for any question or suggestion.
P.S. If you will need tattoo kit to master your skill to be better professional, check our review page for tattoo kits for beginners.

When planning to set up a tattoo business, it is advisable to have an affordable  tattoo kit so that the required equipment, is present. Having the tattoo kits ensures that the upcoming tattoo artists are not overwhelmed in situations where they need to carry out a certain procedure and due to the lack of tools, they are forced to improvise too much. When the artists improvise too much, they will end up having a final product that looks shoddily done. The idea of the cheap tattoo kits also means that someone is not spending too much on stocking up on crucial tattoo kit items.

A good tattoo kit has ink caps and glove sets with a variety of tattoo inks. Crucial for all tattoo artists is the needle set (alongside the tubes) and a power supply. Even if they are not expansive tattoo kits, what matters is that all the kits have the tools that are needed to enhance skills and some material for practice designs so that someone does not have to rely on real skin to experiment.

When working with the kits, practical knowledge and some trial and error on skin replacements is recommended before someone upgrades to real skin procedures. Someone can rate his progress by checking how well he delivers a certain design from concept stage to real ink.
Recommended cheap and high quality tattoo kit for beginners is the Grinder tattoo kit, read our detailed review here.


Second step, get a number of designs which can be done comfortably.
If you start you tattoo artist career, you should keep an album or portfolio of those designs which you know you can draw easily.

In reality, a number of tattooists attract clients because they have unique designs which not every tattooist has an easy time drawing. At the end of the day, uniqueness of the designs are a major selling factor because the interested people know that they are having a design that is potentially permanent. Perfection remains a non-negotiable issue because there is very little room for error when something will be visible on your body all your life.

You can check the a great tattoo design pack here.


The tattooing equipment varies in technical advancements and that is why someone is better off starting with simple cheap tattoo kits before he can upgrade to the very complex tattoo systems. The good thing to know is that once someone has learn how to use the tattoo simple kits, the advanced features kits will not be that much of a problem. As someone progresses in the industry, he can always aquire more equipment so that the investments are also proportional to the amount of money that is coming in from drawing tattoos for clients. The supplies in cheap tattoo kits are still good  (the Grinder tattoo kit for example) to learn the tattoo art and to bring out professional tattoos.

Regarding advertising for tattoo businesses, it can be done online. Check websites which has picture gallery features tattoos so that people can compare myriads of designs. Someone can also start up a page in a free-to-post website. This will help the person draw the clients and as someone starts with the the cheap tattoo kits, he can soon get more experience and more capital to get newer versions and more expensive kits and become a bigger then life tattoo artist.

I want to review here one of the most successful and recommended tattoo kits for beginners those days – the Grinder tattoo kit.
To summarize the review with one fast “one-liner” without wasting time, the Grinder tattoo kit quality and the variety of accessories that come with is impressive and the value for money is great.
Lets see now whyy while examine the details of the kit. With this tattoo kit, you receive 4 tattoo machine guns, power supplies, 15 different inks, LCD power supply, 50 tattoo needles and many different accessories such as tattoo instruction books, DVDs and guides.

So eventually, if you consider the amount of accessories that come in, it’s pretty cheap tattoo kit deal that will allow you to begin practicing the tattooing art and to do all kinds of tattoos you always dreamed about – white tattoos, tribal tattoos, Maori style, different tattoo techniques and much more.

tattoo machine kits - Grinder tattoo kit

Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face

Now lets explore the tattoo kit properties:

1. The Tattoo machine – 9/10
The grinder tattoo machine is a great one to start your tattooing career with.
When just out of the box, you will need to tune the machine, but once it’s done – it’s great to use.
They are pretty lightweight, around the 5oz and got a great grip.
We haven’t experienced any issues with them and eventually the Grinder tattoos machine was much more powerful than we expected.

2. Tattoo Inks – 8.5/10
In the tattoo kit you receive 15 different inks, the quality of the tattoos ink are decent, it lays well on the areas. The tone of them is crisp and sharp although, not as in the most premium inks (but eventually it’s great for start).
Just to mention part of the colors: green, yellow, white tattoo ink, black ink, purple and much more (check the image below)
It’s a great color and quality variety for a beginner who seek for a cheap tattoo kit and who is starting to build his professional color set.

Tattoo Ink Colors

Tattoo ink sets

3. Power Supplies – 9/10
Results power supply, doing it’s job just fine and providing the needed power amound for the tattoo machines.
The LCD power supply preferred more by us over the analog one because it’s easier to read on the fly.
Foot pedal for easier control in included and paired with the supplies. There is a nice clip cord to.
Good tattoo kit power supply that provide great value for money.

4. Accessories – 10/10
There is BUNCH of them. It’s amazing tattoos accessories mix especially when you comparing all the cheap tattoo kits out there. There is 50 needles with different sizes, part of them shaders and some are liners. So everyone can start tattoos in decided what he like more and really feel al the different aspects of tattooing.
Also, there is little baggies of all the stuff you will need to replace like grommets and rubber bands… basically stuff you’ll need to keep using your kit.
In addition, the kit comes with stainless steel tips and disposable tips that match the needles that come in the kit. I personally prefer to use disposable tubes since it requires less cleaning, but the tips are fine too

In conclusion, it’s a great cheap tattoo starter kit that comes with everything that beginners who want to get into tattooing may need.
Comes with bunch of tattoo accessories, kit parts is the same as described and the machine work great. Buy it. It’s the best you can get from all the cheap tattoo kits out there.

Buy it on Amazon, internet most safe and reliable web shop.