White Ink Tattoos On Black People

In the tattoos community there are a lot of black skin people (as you know, the white skin guys are not the only one that get tattoos 🙂 ) and as everybody else when dark skinned people seek for something unique and special to tattoo on their body, many times they stumble upon the idea to make white ink tattoo design.

White tattooing is a statement without being too loud. People with white ink tattoos can make their mark but still stand out from the crowd. While white ink art have many advantages they are not without disadvantages. If done in a poor or slapdash manner they can look really bad and leave unsightly marks for the rest of their lives. You need to pick out an artist who specializes in this. Fortunately, most of professional tattoo artists can handle white tattoo without a problem exactly in the same way as other tattoos they are doing.

And now, after this short introduction, i want to talk about white ink tattoos on black people. Many professional tattoo artists and customers that tried to do that, recommend to avoid applying white ink on dark skin and suggest to use it on more lighter and pale body complexions (read more about white tattoo on pale skin here).

But still, there is a lot of evidence and recommendation of many black people (especially the African American guys i used to talk to) that really like how the white tattoo worked out for them. They say that the white ink really pops and stand out on their darker skin especially if more touched up applied on the white tattoo after it get healed.

white ink on dark skin

It’s important to point out that the result will really depend on how your dark skin complexion is in the first place and the artist experience. Don’t forget, that the tattoo ink is applied under the skin, and the skin color itself can really change the tone of the tattoo – just imagine looking on white paper using dark sunglasses, it’s the same.
And like it was mentioned before, if you go back to the studio and touch-up the tattoo a few additional times, it will really help it’s shape and style.

About tattoo protection from sun damage- sunblock should be used on the white ink tattoo as it tends to fade more quicker that other tattoos. Also, if you can, choose place that is not exposed directly to the sun such as you back, chest on the inner part of you hand, at least in the first period after you done your tattoo.

In addition, there is great difference between high quality tattoo ink and the more cheap one, be sure to check and ask the tattoo artist what kind of ink he use and f the answers sounds strange and shady – go to another artist.

white ink tattoos on black people

To summarize this, usually we don’t recommend to get white tattoo on dark skin, but eventually, it’s a matter of taste and no one can really say “white ink tattoos on black people – it’s bad!” as it’s just a personal view on a subject. In many occasions those tattoo turned out really great! So, it’s up to you.  There a bunch of different designs, tattoos for girls, males, Chinese art, tribal tattoos etc. Just pick the one you love the most.

Regarding the tattoo design considerations – there is no really differences between the white tattoos designs  to the classical ones. Choose the design you like and feel connected with or draw your own (or ask a friend) and go for it. I recommend you to check the 20,000+ tattoo designs collection sets such as this. Inside, there are something for everyone, and investing couple of bucks to get the tattoo design you dream of sound like a great deal to me.

White tattoo on dark skin

Rihanna white ink tattoo on dark skin

For inspiration, check out The Mammoth Book of Tattoos, highly recommended tattoo design book that will provide you with tons of ideas.

Don’t forget, if you have black skin and you consider doing white tattoo, all the rules applied here are as for any other tattooing process – pick sterile and clean place, choose recommended tattoo artist that use quality brands and got history of great tattoo works and designs (and don’t hesitate to show his tattoo art and sketches), threat you tattoo right and use skin and sun care, protect it from direct exposure to the sun and don’t forget to do touch ups is needed.

Please leave comment for any question or suggestion that you may have, we will be happy to assist.

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  • seber12463848704

    The top one actually looks pretty cool

    • Fortune

      Agree, the top one looks great.

  • MiMi

    Why recommend not using it on dark skin? If anything pale skin should stay away from it because you can barely see it on pale skin and it looks like whelp marks(like bruises from a tiny whip) on their bodies… Where on brown people, it looks less bizarre, it pops and you can actually see the art work, vs. it being near invisible and looking like scaring(on pale people).

    The only people of african descent who may not be able to pull this off are the pale ones. African americans with pale skin(yellowish, tan, and olive skin complexions– we come in over 33 shades according to today’s researchers on the diversity of ebony people). I could get this, Im a medium brown color. My sister on the other hand who is a pale african american girl, who’s complexion goes from Olive in the winter and a deep tan in the summer, may not be able to get this. Her skin is only brown during the summer– in the winter she is very pale, she is olive toned with yellow undertones.

    • Fortune

      In many cases the shade of the white tattoo is not as expected to be. But still, it’s not exact science. In many case white tattoo for dark skin guys turns out well.

    • LeShay B

      I really like your response to this post. And I completely agree with you.

    • Ora Koon B.

      actually, on some people, it looks really good. But since the white ink is under a few layers of thin skin; if you are black, asian or just naturally tan, the color of those layers appears lightly : it can make your white ink seem yellowish / grey-ish and your tattoo just looks dirty :/ You can’t really know how it will turn out or control it (unless you get it touched up regularly).
      The 1st photo looks great but i fear how it will age :/

  • Brad

    How many times is it you may have to touch it up? i have medium skin(I’m Mixed) year round.

    • Fortune

      It’s pretty much as with any other tattoo – some touch up sessions might be needed (not a lot of them). It’s hard to give specific number, each case is unique.

  • Nordlys

    It depends how dark is their skin. Usually afro-americans skin is light enough for a regular black tattoo.
    White tattoo may work for really dark skinned people, like Nigerians.

  • Dawn

    I like how it looks like scarring on white people it seems really cool to me. I am very white and would definitely get it if I ever had the balls. lol.

    • Fortune

      Maybe some day them. Tattoo aren’t that scary 🙂

  • Aziza m

    As long as it doesn’t cause an issue like UV ink I’m getting white ink accented into to my tattoo