White Ink Tattoos On Tan And Dark Skin

You heard a lot about white tattoos, checked works and photos of tattoos like those all over the internet and you liked it. But, you don’t really know and you asking yourself – if you having a tan or a dark skin, should i get white tattoo? how will white ink tattoos on dark skin look? or a tan skin for the matter. In the next article i will try and answer those question and clear the area about tattoos on dark skin.



The answer is pretty simple, just let me make a small introduction (really small) to tattoo art theory -tattoos white ink (and eventually, all other tattoo colors to), get injected under the skin (that’s the way tattooing is done), so when you look over the skin it’s actually got number of skin layers all over it (please look on the illustration below).

tattoo ink skin level

In this way, the white ink color got mixed and tinted with the real skin color of the person who getting this tatto. In the same way –  just imagine you look on a white paper using dark sunglasses.

For summery, white ink tattoos on tan skin will appear with more like light brown instead of a clear white color, so, in my opinion, you should try and avoid this style of tattooing a go for another option. It’s important to add, that white tattoos much more suitable for person who have really pale skin color.

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